I am often asked where I get ingredients for low carb kid-friendly recipes or how to find specific products I mention in a post.  So I thought it would be helpful to put together a list of the tools, resources, and favorite products we use and highly recommend for Mom’s with Type 1 kids!  We have tried, tested, and believe in these products or sites and think you will too.  It doesn’t matter whether you have just received the shocking news of your child’s diagnosis, or you have been at this for awhile, us Mom’s of Type 1’s can always use some helpful tools and resources! 

This “fave finds” list includes many affiliate links.  That means we receive a small percentage should you decide to make a purchase.  It does not make the product more expensive for you should you be interested!

I appreciate that Diabetes can be expensive and draining, and I will always try to recommend resources that are sensitive to that.    

We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

If you have some awesome resources that are working for you and your Type 1, we’d love to hear about them.  Send us an email to support@MomOfaType1.com

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10 Things Teachers Should Know

T1D Mod Squad has an amazing Facebook Group, and was my first resource for everything Type 1 when my son was first diagnosed.  They also have some really great free printables on their website.  I particularly LOVE this one: 10 Things Teachers Should Know About Having a Student with Type 1 Diabetes.  This two-page handout quickly references important topics from a kids perspective and points out some I would have never have thought to mention.  Print this out and put it in a folder with other important documents and give to your child’s teacher and/or nurse at the beginning of the year.  

Plan To Eat Fave Find

I have been using Plan To Eat since 2016, well before Type 1 entered our life.  I cannot say enough about this program.  It can be used on the web or they have an incredible app for your phone.  All of the recipes on our site are shared using Plan To Eat.  This tool makes storing all your recipes, and your yummy Pinterest finds, super easy.  All of your recipes are in one place and you can access them quickly without clicking and scrolling through Pinterest finds.  You can then PLAN them out for the week and it will create a shopping list based on your planned recipes.  Your shopping list can be arranged by the isles in the grocery, making it a breeze through the store.  I like to print our weekly meal plan out and hang it to the fridge.  Add prep notes, and never forget to take that chicken out of the freezer again. Check out our Video Tutorial Page to see just how AH-MAZING this tool is!  And, they offer a 30-day FREE Trial

If you’ve browsed through our blog, even just a little bit, you’ll see my love for Dash products is no secret!  First and foremost, their products are SUPER AFFORDABLE.  They are well made, durable, and for us, they really transform low-carb cooking.  Perfect sizing and QUICK cooking make these appliances a must for kid-friendly, low-carb dishes.  We especially love the Mini Griddle Maker, Mini Waffle Maker, Egg Cooker, the Ice Cream Maker and Single Serve Ice Cream Maker, their Mini Pie Maker, and their Mini Donut Maker.  Ok…see my obsession?!  Visit their website, and get $10 off your order!  You will not be disappointed.