Save Your Spot!
Sat. Jan. 29th @ 2:00 PM (eastern)

Unfortunately we, as Moms of a Type 1, have had to learn little bits of things people literally have to have medical licenses for!  It’s confusing, overwhelming, and stressful.

We get into this “normal” food (or dare I say it “bad food”) verses “low carb, low carb, low carb” food mentality.  And that is exhausting! (I’m not saying there isn’t a place for low carb, because I do believe there is.)

In this 3-part video masterclass, I will be breaking down my Top 3 Tips For Managing High Carb Foods, so that it is understandable AND practical for your REAL LIFE!

My goal is to give you a foundation to build on, as it applies to yours and your child’s life and diabetes management. 

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