The 3 Essential Strategies for a Successful, Stress-free Return to School

How to Nail the Back-to-School Preparations, Set Expectations While You Train the School Staff, and Effectively Communicate How You Want Your Type 1 Cared For.

Put an End to the Overwhelming and Crushing Question, “What the Heck Do I Do Next?”

In this Masterclass, you'll learn:

—-  1 —-

Setting Expectations 

so that your child doesn’t miss out and the school staff are all on the same page as you.  Plus, the #1 thing you need to make sure is clear!

—-  2 —-

Determining Communication Preferences

It’s said that Type 1’s make an estimated 180 medical decisions per day…how is someone else going to do what you do?  Find out the easiest way to teach the staff what they need to know without Type 1’ing them into confusion.

—-  3 —-

The Most Simple and Effective Supply Strategy

Our kids come with a lot of stuff.  Most of which is for situations that might not even happen…but we have to be prepared.  We’ll drill down into what you need for school and where you need it, with examples of many options.

—– PLUS —–

The Single MOST Effective Way to Get Back-to-School Ready

from start to finish in the quickest and most effective way possible, so you can roll into the school year knowing you’ve got it all covered. Plus! Be able to repeat it every year on auto-pilot, saving you SO MUCH TIME!

Type 1 Diabetes Building Blocks

The Type 1 Back-to-School Scramble is about to Change in a BIG Way.

Whether you’re new to all that goes into sending your Type 1 back to school, or you need a new approach to sending your Type 1 Child back to school … this can be the direction you’ve been waiting for.

There is so much that needs to be done to send your child back to school as it is, without diabetes.  And, I don’t have to tell you just how much goes into everyday management of diabetes.  Because diabetes is so personal and different for everyone, it can be frustrating trying to explain how you want your child’s diabetes to be managed in school…by someone else, with all the “if this, then that’s” that come with Type 1 Diabetes management.

Join me to get back-to-school ready!  I’m peeling back the curtain to three of the most important and most often overlooked tasks for a successful and smooth start, or return, to school.  

This Masterclass is a
Must Attend if...

A Personal Invitation From Shannon...

I’ve tripped my way through preparing my son to go back to school.  He was diagnosed in the beginning of 2019 and I kept him home with me that first year.  

In the two years that followed, through a pandemic, we went through 4 teachers, 5 nurses, a bus driver, and 4 afterschool councilors!  Plus various substitute nurses and teachers. I’ve discovered the exact ingredients that differentiate a wildly successful return-to-school from one that is chaotic, stressful, and last minute.   

This brand new, fresh masterclass is a culmination of what I’ve learned over the years getting my Type 1 Diabetic Son ready to go back-to-school.  

If you’re committed to putting an end to feeling scattered about everything these days, but especially with the diabetic stuff, it doesn’t matter if you’re child is starting a new school, a new year, or returning to school after diagnosis, I can’t wait to slash that overwhelmed feeling and help get you confidently prepared.

Choose the time that works best for you.

See You There!


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