What if you Could stop searching for ratios at meal-time and writing & re-writing Type 1 Care instructions Every time you want to leave the house?

End the paper chaos and keep the much needed information you use daily handy, but also have it look like it’s a part of your home!

Does this sound like you?

What if I told you It Is Possible To let go ?

No matter where you’re at in your child’s Type 1 journey 

Take the stress out of searching, calculating, and remembering everything that comes with meal-time for your Type 1

Set your mind at ease knowing you do not have to write or leave emergency instruction or how-to instructions each and every time you want to leave the house.

Operate smoothly and with confidence.  Stop scrambling for information or feeling chained to Diabetes all the time.

Are you ready to stop scrolling Pinterest for ideas and get actual Type 1 Diabetes solutions that are done for you already?

let's go with yes!

The Type One Diabetes Magnet Bundle!

The perfect way to clear the paper clutter and organize insulin ratios and important care info.  Fully personalize the magnets and print them from home.  Nicely designed so you do not have to mess with sizing and layout!

Type One Magnet Bundle Header

Here's what's included:

We have bundled together two great resources we created, in a way that is easy to access, even if you are not tech savvy!  Each module starts with a welcome and how-to videos that explains step-by-step and in detail how to access and create your magnets right from home.

Group Coaching

Invitations to group coaching calls where special guests will speak on topics of carbs, digestion, matching carbs with insulin, and making adjustments. 

Lifetime Access

You will have lifetime access to this resource, and any updates that are made to it, along with access to our newly designed Members Area.

Private Community

Once a week I go live in our private Facebook Group and go in-depth on a topic that will help bring some structure to the chaos of diabetes.  

Looking for a sneak peek?

No waiting for any downloads.  Get immediate access to each module, which are laid out step-by-step so you can work through each lesson with ease and little to no tech experience!


Insulin Dosing Magnets

Print your own Insulin Dosing Magnets to keep important Insulin-to-Carb Ratios, Correction Factors, and Basal Dosage in the most convenient location possible…the fridge!

You do not need to mess with any designing or sizing.

Type One Magnet Bundle Module 1

Important Safety Info. Magnet

Print your own Important Safety Info Magnet to keep information like emergency contact numbers, how to dose cheat sheet, how to treat a low cheat sheet, and other information that might be needed in-case of an emergency. 

These are great for babysitters to be able to reference and perfect grand-parents homes as well! 

Let's talk about the bonuses.

I spun myself around in circles, trying to find a system, for WAYYY too long when my son was first diagnosed, which is why I’m super passionate about providing resources that are helpful and save time!


Step-by-step instructions to create your own Emergency Supply Kit with necessary supplies.  Just put it on the counter when you leave.

Type One Diabetes Emergency Links and Guides

Get the design templates so you can edit and customize the entire layout of the Insulin Dosing & Important Safety Info Magnets.  Customize your own magnets with how-to steps & more! 

Type One Magnet Safety Magnet Canva

Start a strong foundation by taking charge!

Hi there, I'm Shannon!

As a Mom of a Type 1 son, I know juggling it all can be really tough.  

I spent a lot of time searching for resources that would help me take something, anything, off my plate.  I craved some type of system any organization of all aspects of diabetes.  I needed to feel like I wasn’t a mess all the time.

If you crave structure and foundation, then this is for you!  My goal is to help you free up space and help you put your energy towards mastering the next steps of diabetes.

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Type One Magnet Bundle Header

Grab Your Bundle!

Take the first step towards feeling in-control of diabetes, instead of it controlling you.  Set this foundation, get organized, and feel prepared for others to watch your Type 1 if needed.  


Regular Price $34 

Today Only $17

Get instant access to the print-your-own magnets and save 50%!

If you've still got questions for us or want to chat, please email us anytime! We'd love the chance to chat further, no pressure, we promise.