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Type 1 Diabetes Pantry labels

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Now that you have to count carbs, I’d bet your cabinets and pantry look a little over-run with opened, awkward boxes and bags.  Clear up the clutter with these done-for-you Pantry Labels that include carb counts and other nutritional information.


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Get instant access to the Type One Kitchen Pantry Labels with how-to videos & step-by-step instructions.

I've been in your shoes!

When my son was diagnosed I felt like my normally tidy and organized life was in complete chaos.  

I would search Pinterest for hours looking for solutions that would actually help get some order back in my life.  It always left me with a long list of “I need to’s”, and never offered an ACTUAL SOLUTION.  I mean, a sticky note can only go sore far!   but found none. 

Determined to feel in-control, I started organizing “diabetes” and all that comes with it, to give me some structure and I want to share that with you!

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well-designed, customizable labels at the lowest price ever available!

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