Was your child recently
diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes


If so, you’ve come to the right spot.

This new journey comes with a lot of challenges, and we’re here to support you as you adjust to a life of raising your T1D Child.

On this page, you’ll find helpful information that will give you some direction on where to start as you navigate through the weeks following your child’s diagnosis. 

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Type 1 Food Swaps Checklist Freebie

Recently Diagnosed Food Swap Checklist

Staring at your pantry and fridge wondering how you will manage this new journey?

Grab your copy of this free checklist filled with blood sugar friendly staples to swap to make the Type 1 transition easier.  

What You Can Expect From Us

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While you work on getting everything sorted out, check out the following pages to start to give you some foundation in navigating this new life of acting as your child’s pancreas.

Mom of a Type 1 Website Resources
Mom of a Type 1 Courses

cornerstone courses

Feel like you’re missing the critical pieces of actually functioning while raising your T1D? 

Our courses provide information and solutions for Moms to manage their child’s diabetes in relatable, effective, and practical ways, while not being swallowed by diabetes 24/7.

Chances are you were taught the clinical ways to managing Type 1 Diabetes, but living and raising a child with it are totally different — and that’s why we’re here!  To empower you to be confident in raising your T1D Child!


monthly support call

This diagnosis tends to isolate us caregivers.  Join us and other recently-diagnosed Moms in our monthly support call.  Each month we come together to educate T1D Moms while having a chance to share our experiences, support each other, and make new friends!


Mom of a Type 1 Monthly Support Call

Here's Your Roadmap to Mastering
Your Child's Type 1 Diabetes


One of the hardest parts of your Child’s diagnosis is letting go of the sadness and overwhelm.  Connection with others who “get it” and understand what you’re going through is crucial. 


Everything becomes more difficult with T1D.  Health complications can escalate quickly and being ready for any situation is extremely important. Learn what those are and how to be prepared.


The one thing you can count on with diabetes is it is ever-changing. Learn the principles of T1D management to keep your child healthy and teach them to take ownership of their diabetes as they grow.

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