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I know how hard it is.

Juggling it all as a Mom of a Type 1 can be really tough. Restless days and sleepless nights, exhaustion, information overload, a completely new way of living, Rx renewals and staying on top of supplies. It is very overwhelming. I know what it’s like to feel completely alone in this; to feel like you have to master this new Type 1 life in a week, or a month. To go from just a “regular mom” to a mathematician, a phlebotomist, an educator, and a nurse. To worrying about your child’s life more so now than ever. I started Mom Of A Type 1 because of those reasons, because for an entire year it sucked the life out of me and I wanted to change that for others. To help Type 1 Moms feel in-control and confident again.

We're here to help you figure this all out!


Kid-friendly, low-carb recipes geared more towards breakfast, baked goods, and snack ideas.


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Mom Of A Type 1

I'm Shannon and I'm thrilled you're here!

As a Mom of a Type 1 son, I know juggling it all can be really tough. This disease has a tendency to isolate us caregivers and cause A LOT of informational (and emotional) overwhelm.  It can be very exhausting!

Take a look around.  I hope you will find some very useful tips, tricks, low carb recipes that will make both you and your T1 happy, helpful resources, and, most importantly care from someone who totally gets what you are going through on a daily basis.

Here's your roadmap
to mastering your child's Type 1.



Have systems in place and be prepared for any situation, even if you don’t know what situations will arise yet!



Education is the absolute foundation of Diabetes.  It takes trial and error and getting good at reviewing BG numbers.



Finally have a handle on managing your Child’s T1D and go back to living your life without the overwhelm of Diabetes.

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