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Our Fave Finds

With a ton of products out there, it’s always helpful to have recommendations from those that have actually used the products.  Since we have so much on our plate already, when I find something we love, I feel inclined to share it.  

This list includes some affiliate links. This means that we may receive a small percentage should you decide to make a purchase. It does not make the product more expensive for you!

As a solo-parent, I understand the financial burden diabetes has on us, and I will always try to recommend resources that are sensitive to that. 

I hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

our top 3 amazon faves

Total game changer in the kitchen.  The coolest feature about this scale is that it comes with food codes. Key the corresponding code in and the nutritional values populate based on the weight of the food!

Traveling with kids already comes with a lot of things, throw diabetic supplies into the mix and it is that much more complex.  The absolute easiest way to organize and transport supplies while traveling.

If you want to gain a deeper understanding of how food impacts blood sugar, this book is ESSENTIAL in helping you to  understand and make better decisions in the management of your child’s diabetes. 

the rest of
our fave resources

If you’ve browsed through our recipes and blog, even just a little bit, you’ll see I have a true love of Dash Products – it’s no secret!  They are super affordable.  Their products are durable and, for us Mom of Type 1s, really transform low-carb cooking.  The perfect size, paired with quick cooking make these a must for kid-friendly, low carb dishes.  They are always adding to their product line, and run specials on their Mini Makers often, with seasonal waffle makers – they’re so cute!  You can go to Dash Products through this link and get $10 off your first order.  

If your child is using a CGM or an insulin pump, Pump Peelz is the company to look at for overlay patches, and pump and sensor decorations and stickers.  They make hypoallergenic patches for Dexcom and Freestyle, that works really well on my son’s super sensitive skin and  are HSA/FSA Approved, if you have kind of medical coverage. Their patches don’t fray and they are super fun with a lot of patterns and styles to choose from.  What I love is that you can buy a one, 4, or 12 at a reasonable price.  It is fun to deck out the insulin pump with decorative stickers too!   Take 10% off using code: MOMOFATYPE1

Pump Peelz
MyID Medical Alert Bracelets

It’s really hard to find a kid-friendly, cute, medical alert bracelet that is small enough for a child to wear.  It also needs to be just the right material, so they don’t get cut, it doesn’t get caught, and matches their age in design.  MyID delivers.  Their Sport Medical ID Bracelet is PERFECT for our kids and comes in several colors, and an excellent company as they grow.  I love that you can load medical information into the app and don’t need to etch a ton of information in a bracelet people will have a hard time reading.  You can use CODE: MOMOFATYPE1 at checkout!

Here's Your Roadmap to Mastering
Your Child's Type 1 Diabetes


One of the hardest parts of your Child’s diagnosis is letting go of the sadness and overwhelm.  Connection with others who “get it” and understand what you’re going through is crucial. 


Everything becomes more difficult with T1D.  Health complications can escalate quickly and being ready for any situation is extremely important. Learn what those are and how to be prepared.


The one thing you can count on with diabetes is it is ever-changing. Learn the principles of T1D management to keep your child healthy and teach them to take ownership of their diabetes as they grow.

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Low Carb Pantry & Fridge Snack List Mock Up

Low Carb Pantry & Fridge Snack List

In the beginning you are looking for every low-carb solution possible, when you’re still getting ratios figured out and perhaps even still “honeymooning.”  

These no-to-low carb snack ideas are great for those “Mom, I’m hungry” moments right before bed!